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Bible Reading Blueprint Course

Perhaps you’re ready to dive deep into how to read the Bible. This course is for you!


With almost two decades of counseling and coaching, I can help you get clarity on your purpose and take action to get better.

Become ALL you were meant to be
What do you REALLY want in life?

Many of us have wants and desires, but most of these are placed there by well-meaning parents or friends. In those brief moments of vulnerability, in the quiet of the night, when we are honest with ourselves, we dare to dream. I want to help you on that journey to becoming all that God has created you to be. 

Want to learn how to read the Bible without going to seminary?

Want to understand what the story of God is all about?

Want to wrestle with questions & doubts & fears honestly?

Want to be guided in the process to growth?

Bible Reading Blueprint

This is the first step to our community. God’s Word guides us and it’s vital to know how to read and understand what he has already said about the world and you. Start with the FREE Worksheet and sign up to take our four-module course at a fraction of the typical cost.

Online Community

Our community of believers and unbelievers gives you a space to learn and grow and be challenged. You will get to interact freely and safely so you can be all God created you to be. 


Practical | Spiritual Coaching

Most of us know we want to go somewhere but don’t know where? Some of us know where but don’t know how. Get monthly coaching from a pastor and theologian. 

Next Steps

Let’s start your journey toward an honest, authentic faith that wrestles with questions and seeks answers. You will learn more about God and his world and your calling in his world.

Practical | Spiritual Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

“Coaching” is another word for “discipleship” or in other traditions a “spiritual guide”. From the early monasteries to seminaries to churches, having someone serve others by guiding them on their journey to know and love God has been vital to people’s growth. Look at the categories to the right and see if you qualify for being coached.

For the humble

Humility is the pre-requisite for anyone seeking growth. Too often, people approach learning as a way to puff themselves up. Instead, we all should start from the posture that since we aren’t God, we don’t know. If you don’t know, but want to know. Coaching could be right for you.

For the action-taker

Too many people know a lot, but by their inaction prove that they don’t really know. Jesus said, “If you love me, you will do what I tell you.” Too often people assume that more knowledge equals growth. Knowledge is simply fodder for the fires of devotion. If you are serious about taking action, coaching may be right for you.

For the ignorant

If this one offended you, then coaching is NOT right for you! Along with humility, recognizing that there are infinite things that we do not know, we approach coaching and growth with receptivity and not criticism. If you balk at admitting your ignorance, coaching isn’t for you. If you readily admit that you don’t know many many many many things, then coaching could be a great fit in helping you on your path.

For the committed

Being directed toward action is not always fun to hear. We all need a kick in the pants every now and then and coaching is intended to push and pull you into being a more honest and authentic person. There are times you will be asked. Other times told to do or not do something. For those that are committed to personal growth, coaching may be right for you.

For the tired

For those tired of spiritual manipulation. For those tired of mere information that doesn’t take action. For those tired of being in a spiritual rut. For those tired of limping around in circles. Coaching may be a right fit for you.

About Me

I grew up around religion most of my life. But I despised the discrepancy between what was taught and what was lived. People would talk about grace and forgiveness all the while harboring hate and greed toward others. 

Although an over-achiever, I struggled with depression and suicide. Exasperated, I became an atheist. Hopeful, I became an agnostic. Confused, I then adopted a smorgasbord approach to religion. Guided by others, I finally came to realize that all my longings for an authentic life and faith were found in the person and work of Jesus. 

Many people hate religion, but they love Jesus. This is due to his willingness to be misunderstood and to associate with those who were humble and knew their need for truth and guidance. 

I became a Christ-follower right before college. I lived in Argentina for two years working with college students. Got married to an amazing wife (we now have four kids). Studied at The Bethlehem Institute in Minneapolis. Earned my Masters and Doctorate in Biblical and Theological Studies and Early Church History from Southern Seminary.

I failed at starting a church in Charlotte. 

Was hired at North Greenville University, where I now serve as Associate Dean of the School of Ministry. Started Christ the Redeemer in Greenville, South Carolina.

I am constantly learning, asking forgiveness, growing, and stumbling. With over twenty years of experience and coaching, I would love to help guide you on your journey.



“Matt is authentic and vulnerable. He knows he doesn’t have it all together, but what he does have he happily shared with others.”

“An astute theologian, but a humble practitioner.”

“Matt is passionate about people. He loves helping others and seeing them be all that God created them to be. He cared deeply about my growth as a young man. Being patient, but directive, he helped me set goals and exceed them. I am eternally grateful to him.”

Coaching Resources

Bible Reading Blueprint

This worksheet and online course will help you understand the Bible’s overarching storyline, while also knowing how to dissect a passage. You will learn to see both the forest and the trees.

Online Community

Join others who want to grow in their authentic faith. No one has it all together in this group…and that’s what makes it so powerful. You will find pastors and seekers here.

Group Coaching

Receive personalized coaching to set and reach goals for life. Don’t settle for meandering through life. Set your destination and move.

Find Your Purpose. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

You have tried figuring it out on your own, but haven’t achieved what you set out to achieve. You have come to realize that you need a guide, a tutor, a community, a coach. 


Don’t keep wandering aimlessly, hoping you’ll reach your destination. Have the humility and courage to raise your hand.

 Start with the FREE Bible Reading Blueprint Worksheet. Sign up for the Four-Module Course.  
Join our Online Community.
Get coaching from a trusted and purposed mentor without having to move your house. 


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