That’s right, I am in the country of Jordan and the call to prayer has just sounded. I didn’t think it was possible to take so many pictures. And I loathe the fact that I am not a good photographer like van.diesel. We just rode about 6 hours from Syria into Jordan. We stayed in the beautiful city of Palmyra last night (I believe it was my favorite place on the trip so far).

We were in Damascus. And while it is touted to be the “oldest continuously inhabited city in the world” by locals, I found out that Antioch makes the same claim! In any case, I wish I would have more money to buy all the things that I am seeing. We went to Crak de Chevallierres, which is a castle constructed by the Crusaders in the 11th and 12th centuries. It is amazing. Although I took tons of pics, I also got hit with some kind of 24-hour virus and was not able to enjoy it to the full. I was laid up for pretty much the whole day. I made myself get out of the bus for my childhood love of castles. I used to spend hours drawing them and planning secret passageways and elaborate drawbridges.

I can’t wait to post pics. I did not bring my computer as I figured it would be more of a hastle. And, the program is keeping us pretty busy. At the border today, the patrol officer invited me to sit in his office and chat while we waited for our passports to get stamped. Very friendly fellow. After some small talk, I asked him what the people of Jordan thought of North Americans. I was grateful for his honesty. I am starting to understand a little of what other countries see when they see our government and way of doing things. I will write more on this later – as I have time to develop thoughts and articulate them a little more. For the time being, I am even more convinced that there are many sides to a story.

In case you’re wondering, the currency here is the dinar (1 US = .7 Jordanian dinar).

Correction: The above city should read “Aleppo” and not “Antioch”.