We have just landed on the Gulf of Aqaba this afternoon. It is a nice solace from what we did this morning. We got up at 1:30am, hopped on a bus, hopped on a camel, rode up 2/3 the way up Mt Sinai (aka Mt Horeb), hiked up the rest of the way, and watched the sun rise over the mountains. Spectacular.

This Sinai peninsula is beautiful. When we think of Israel wandering through the wilderness, you should think of dry rocks. It’s not exactly what you would think of as “desert” (although it could be classified as that) and it’s not exactly mountains…morph the two and you get “wilderness.” It makes it even more amazing that the Israelites shoes did not where out and they did not cease to have bread and water. Have 100 degree weather beating on you and sustenance takes a whole new meaning.

We also went to St Katherine’s Monastery, a Greek Orthodox monastery which housed the Codex Sinaiticus. It was removed from there and taken to Russia, not to be returned.