I came across Derek Sivers (@sivers) through Tim Ferriss’ podcast. Very rarely do I get hooked on someone from an interview, but the way which Derek answered questions and his life story made me pause. I had to get more of his thoughts into my thoughts. A man who donates the majority of his company for the benefit of others got me. My interactions with him have been refreshing and I am so thankful that he is accessible and really seeks to help others.

Here’s his book, Anything You Want, in less than 300 words. Best $11 I’ve spent this year!



Be yourself. Stop kowtowing to the perceived expectations of others. There is no easy way to grow in life. It takes work and focus. Most growth happens through failure, so get ready for it.

It is easy to get overwhelmed in the sea of multi-million dollar marketing. Instead of setting your goal to make more money, seek to serve more people. In serving, money follows. If you want to have enough, want less. Stop focusing on being bigger and better. Oftentimes purposefully being deaf to the siren call of more frees you to remain true to your purpose.

In having such laser focus in your dreams, you will disappoint a lot of people. If you seek to be everyone’s Messiah, you will fail them and yourself.

At root, the call to serve others requires you to do the hard work of knowing yourself. Know your likes and dislikes. Choose what you like to do and stop saying the ugly stuff that you are swamped in is just part of owning your own business. You can delegate. And you ought to delegate. Don’t abdicate. Be involved. Set parameters for those you empower before you almost get fired by them!

People are not commodities to be traded. Pinching pennies is punching your customers in the face, give a full refund. Period. Stop justifying greed with survival verbiage. Take the bruises, not those you seek to serve.

Stop all your strategy. Do. Take one step toward your goal rather mapping out the whole path. Inevitably, your path will be re-directed. If you plan out every step you will veritably be disappointed, stifled, and probably stop. Failure is part of the journey. You can’t mitigate it. Expect bad things to happen and embrace them as part of your personal growth.