A day that is far removed from the USA mindset, yet is branded upon the hearts of Argentines. I spent two years in La Plata, Argentina working with Campus Crusade for Christ. During my time there I fell in love with the Argentines – their culture, food, and people.

Today marks the 30-year anniversary of the military dictatorship that changed the face of Argentina. In just seven years (1976-1983), 30,000 people were tortured and slaughtered. Not many know about it – it has remained hush hush since the dictatorship fell. But the mothers who silently marched around Plaza del Mayo (in front of the President’s house) are finally getting their questions answered.

There is a movie worth seeing that will help in your education of this horror. It’s called The Night of the Pencils . In one night, seven students were stolen from their homes between 12:30-5 am. From August-October 236 university students were stolen from their homes never to be seen again – “deaspericidos” (disappeared). Endless rumors surround the torturing – where it happened, how it was done, etc. I have walked past one of the buildings it is thought to have taken place – now used as a classroom! Only Pable Diaz “reappeared”. The movie is based on his testimony.

The BBC has an article giving a brief history of the dictatorship.
Also: Argentina Timeline
“The Dirty War” (aka: the military dictatorship)

If you are fluent in Spanish, go to Gustavo Carbonell’s site . There he shares some more.

A mis queridos Argentinos:
Espero que en este tiempo que no pongan su esperanza en el gobierno de esta tierra. Pero que las fallas de los seres humanos causen sus ojos fijar en la seguridad de Cristo Jesus. Gobiernos son por un tiempo. Sera un dia cuando el Rey de este universo establicera Su gobierno de paz y gozo (Psa 2; Dan 7 – especialmente v. 27). Eseperen en aquel dia…