$6000/year to Own an iPhone!?!?

Update: It will cost $6000 every two years, with three lines of service, and with unlimited data. My problem with it running off a slower network still stands. Thanks, Matt, for making me look at this again. Ah, the beauty of brotherly accountability.

This just in…do the math and you will be amazed how much this thing will cost you. I am a Mac man, but this is crazy. I like the new technology Apple is rolling out, but this kind of technology wedded to a network that cannot support the demands will be a loss for those who purchase this phone. Just so you know, the iPhone will be running off AT&T’s Edge network (not the faster broadband speeds of G3). That translates into slower download times, which translates into more frustration as you wait for your cool web page to load up.

Check out Mercola’s breakdown of the annual cost for a Family Plan with iPhone.

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  1. Matt,

    The point of the table on that page is that the cost of those family plans is basically the same whether or not you use an iPhone.


  2. I don’t think so. The pricing on the iPhone is higher than the regular AT&T Wireless voice plans. Those features that are on the iPhone package are required when you get the device. The iPhone service is going to cost $30/mo more than regular family plan. This is not including if you get the unltd data (tack another $20/mo onto the bill). Where do you see the point of the chart being what you said?

  3. What I meant by “those family plans” is that a comparable family plan with data is basically the same (actually the iPhone plan seems to be about $10/mo cheaper). There is certainly a difference if one doesn’t already have data on their plan.

    Sounds like we’re in violent agreement. :-)


  4. Hey, I’ve been an Apple man since the mid 80’s! Starting with an Apple II, then an Apple IIgs (which paid for college), Mac SE 30. I just couldn’t afford an Apple. :-)


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