“I accepted Christ when I was twelve.”

“I walked down the aisle at four.”

“I prayed the Sinner’s Prayer last year.”

I know too many people who put their trust in a decision they made at some point in the past. As we saw in Mk 13.13 it is the one who endures until the end that will be saved. But the question hovers over your head…what are you deciding to do now?

You cannot live your life by remembering when you walked don the aisle. There is no peace with God if you are not living in peace with God. What does this mean? Well, if you are not spending time listening to God through the preaching of his Word nor are spending time reading the Scriptures nor are fellowshipping with others you probably are not saved.

It doesn’t matter what decision you made last week! If you don’t rest in Jesus for your salvation then you have no confidence.

Our lives are not lived in a decision we made. They are lived by decisions we constantly make. What did you do yesterday to grow in your faith? What did you do the last hour to grow in your faith? The Christian life is a battle against sin. We don’t retreat when things get tough. We press into them in the strength we receive from being in relationships with other Christians. We press into it as we brandish the weapons of war.

Sound a little fanciful for you? You might not be convinced of 2 Tim 3.12. You might be a little too comfortable in this life. North Americans live in a world totally different than the rest of the world. We live in warm houses and drive nice cars and talk about the weather. The problem is that we don’t think about eternity.

Those who made decisions 20 years ago live as though they had never decided anything. What that does is harden their hearts to anything that God would want to do in their life. They put their confidence in themselves and continue to live in ignorance of God’s truth he offers us in the Word. People speak fancy words about faith, angels, God, Jesus, and all that…but their lives look like hell.

Life is not lived by a decision but by decisions made every moment of everyday…