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  1. So I have been reading the book and he has shown what he eats for the four week period. It is smart that he is sticking to the same meal. What I was wondering is what you chose to eat during the four weeks?

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      Great question! I will be covering that in a future video as that has been asked a few times. The brief answer is that I eyeballed it. I wasn’t as religious as he was in exactly what I ate, but following the parameters. The spirit of the law and not the exact representation of it.

      1. Cool, I was just interested in what you chose to eat and how you chose to break that up during the week. I look forward to your future video. Thanks for doing this Matt! It helps to have others doing the same thing in order to keep on track.

        1. My pleasure! I wish I had the support when I first did it. I planned on doing the program with another friend and thought I’d open it up to others and it’s become a lot bigger than I anticipated!

          Looking forward to the journey with friends!

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