My wife and I joined Third Avenue Baptist Church in August of last year. We love this congregation of Christ-followers and look forward to each Sunday and Wednesday we get to spend together. They are our family and we are thankful.

I must admit, I was a little convicted that Matthew Hall posted on our church’s website before I did. I have been meaning to for a while, but have been waiting for it to be 100% operational. We have been working with a website designer and want to have a separate page for the blog…which brings me to this post.

The elders at Third Avenue are blogging (and have been doing so for a couple months now). It is a fine blog that deals with culture, ecclesiology, politics, and fashion. I have enjoyed the reads thus far and check it quite often. Hopefully we’ll get an RSS feed before too long…be looking for that!

I am sure that I will lose readers because of Third’s blog – they are much better than me at it I promise you. But to the faithful, thanks for sticking with me.