Just finished Edwards’ sermon, “A Divine and Supernatural Light IMparted to the Soul”. In it he argues that what is necessary for someone to be saved is not just knowing that Jesus died for sinners and understanding how sins are atoned for. What is necessary is a work of the Holy Spirit to make the truths the mind and reason can grasp into sweet and excellent beauties the entire person admires.

It is out of reason’s [the mind’s] province to perceive the beauty or loveliness of any thing: such a perception does not belong to that faculty. Reason’s work is to perceive truth and not excellency.

Reason may determine that a countenance is beautiful to others, it may determine that honey is sweet to others; but it will never give me a perception of its sweetness.

What must happen is that the tongue of the soul cannot merely acknowledge that chocolate is sweet and the eyes see that it is brown and nose perceive its smell. What must happen for someone to be saved is for them to desire and crave the chocolate.