August 22nd TIME did a short article on Rick Warren’s work in war-torn Rwanda. In short, the president of the country, Paul Kegame, invited Rick Warren to make Rwanda ‘the first purpose-driven nation’.

The idea doesn’t sound like too bad to be quite honest. I was pretty upset to hear of some folks poking fun at it while they sipped on their triple shot, extra foam, hold the empathy latte.

I definitely do not agree with everything that Saddleback does or teaches, but I am encouraged that they are taking initiatives to do something of significance. For more info. you can check out their website for missions.

I did not blog today to promote Saddleback. Rather, I wanted to quote the most provoking thing I read in the snippet. The editor for the Rwandan newspaper, Umueso, said this in response to Warren’s recent visit:

I think [Warren] has good intentions. Some people may benefit. But he is not different from other pastors we have seen. You won’t hear much about his plan after the rally.

This is sad, but all too true with modern missions and relief efforts. We get really excited to run an all-out sprint, but we need to be prepared to run an all-out marathon – replete with dehydration and exhaustion.

By the way, if you have not seen Hotel Rwanda Please watch it and think about what you might do.