To join me on this transformational journey (April 4-29), do these two things:

  1. Get the e-book at this link
  2. Leave a comment in the Comments that you’re joining me


First Time on the AFL Program

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  1. No catch other than buying the ebook. Trust me. Best $30 I’ve spent. There’s already one other person doing this with me. Would love to get several people. I wouldn’t risk my relational capital on a hoax. I waited to see if it worked and stayed off. Just go to the link in the page and we’ll start on April 4. You in?

  2. Awesome! So far there are four of us, as two have messaged me. Let’s get this party started in two weeks.

  3. I would love to join as well. I lost about half of what I intended to lose using this method and would love to meet my goal by doing it again.

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Week Three!!

Two take-aways:

1. Self-control. Fasting is more about self-control more than it is about not eating food. Food was meant to serve us. Too often we get that backwards. Remember that what you are learning is that you do not need food as much as you think you need.

2. Feed your mind, not your belly. When you find yourself thinking about food, busy yourself with a project. Find something that will demand your focus–to keep you from fuzzy thinking.

Tomorrow is the Day We Kick It Up a Notch


Tomorrow we will enter into the crazy portion of the FatKicker Program. We will start our 40-44 hour fast. No calories. And, please, no diet sodas or 0 calorie food. Chemicals do not have calories, but they are still ingested into your system. And who knows what that is doing to you? Really, a question. Do you know what it does to you? If you have found some good research on this, please put in the comments.

Also, if you have not subscribed yet, please do so at this link. This will mitigate you having to check in to the website everyday. You’ll get updates right in your inbox.



Bullets from the video:

1. Make a gallon of tea tonight. I make blueberry flavored green tea.

2. Buy some Glutamine.

3. Keep moving. Don’t give in to being sedentary. Just go on an easy walk.

First Day of FatKicker Program!