Certainly some of us are. But to say “all” is to make a generalization not warranted by experience. I know people who have been turned away from the church because of a snide comment by a Christian they met on the street or know personally. There are others who look at all the rallies Christians do and the abusive language spewed from their lips and they wonder what makes us different than a non-Christian.

I oftentimes think the same thing!

1) People are jerks. That is, people want to get their own way regardless of the cost. Yes, there are some times that people shine brightly when they help an elderly lady across the street…but she better not take too long to do it ‘cause I’ve gotta be some place!

2) What makes a Christian a Christian is that he believes in the claims and life of Jesus. That is, knowing that he needs a major make-over he asks for help from someone who was perfectly good, who hung out with jerks, yet did not become one.

3) The abusive words have no place in the Christian’s mouth. Instead, truth should be trumpeted. Name calling and backbiting have no place in the life of a follower of Jesus. (HOWEVER, we are still in the process of being freed from our jerkdom…give us time).

4) I will say things on this blog that will irritate people because they go against the mainstream thoughts of the culture around us. Specifically, the last post on abortion might have caused some people to grit their teeth and click on another link. My hope is that someone will hear me out. I am not in the business of trying to marginalize people or in angering people. Rather, I want to explain what the Christian believes and persuade people to a) see the rationality of the religion and b) repent and believe in Jesus for his finished work on the cross.
        In order to do this I will have to step on some people’s toes, but I pray they will pardon me for the sake of getting to where we need to go. When I say something that doesn’t cohere with the way you see things, let me know. Let’s see where we differ and let’s not call names.

No, not all Christians are jerks…merely. We are in a process of being changed into the likeness of the one who is our lord. We say stupid things and do even stupider things. Realize that every person in a group is not exactly the same. There are some Christians I don’t like to talk to…much like a brother. However, I will talk to them in an effort to help them see that what they said wasn’t the best and that they need to tone it down a little. That’s the beauty of being in Christ. When I am a jerk, my church body comes around me and hugs me and whispers in my ear, “Maybe you try to say this this way instead.”

There will be times you think I have forgotten this post and succumb to jerkdom. Help me. I want to be clear and true…