If you are like me, you get pretty ticked off by the mainstream media in the things they report on. Sound bites seem more important than news. Political ties bleed into the facts and people are confused (and manipulated) to believe whatever is sprayed across their flat screen…Thomas Sowell probes this question in his latest Townhall article…worth reading.
 Crimes against homosexuals, blacks, or the homeless are big news to be dramatized, repeated, and denounced. Crimes committed by homosexuals, blacks, or the homeless are not — and are often passed over in silence by much of the media. The net result is that the public gets filtered facts, which can create an impression the direct opposite of the truth.
 We learn from the media’s filtered facts that there are countries with stronger gun-control laws than ours which have lower murder rates. We seldom, if ever, learn from the media about countries which have stronger gun-control laws than ours and whose murder rates are two or three times higher than ours.
 The media also filter out facts about countries where gun ownership is far more widespread than in the United States — and who nevertheless have lower murder rates.The net result is a student population that does not even know enough to know what needs to be looked up, much less how to analyze facts, so as to test opposing beliefs — as distinguished from how to gather information to support a preconceived notion that happens to be fashionable in the schools and colleges.