As It Was In The Beginning…

If life evolved, how did the planets and solar system evolve? I mean, if through the omnipotent [sarcasm] Natural Selection has moved and shaped things over time, how did order come from chaotic matter swirling in the cosmos? Newton said:

Though these bodies may, indeed, persevere in their orbits by the mere laws of gravity, yet they could by no means have at first derived the regular position of the orbits themselves from those laws…[Thus] this most beautiful system of the sun, moon and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful being.

[Signs of Intelligence, William Dembski and James Kushiner, eds. (Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2001), 173]

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  1. The athiest would say that though we see order in this universe, there is still a load of disorder there too, in fact just as much. So, if the world is created by a God of such order, why is there so much disorder in the universe?

  2. 1) Could disorder be considered orderly? If not, why not? After all, considering our finitude it seems we shouldn’t be so quick to write something off as meaningless.
    2) What disorder?
    3) If there is disorder, one must still account for the order in the universe…

  3. 1. I know some teenagers who would agree that disorder can be orderly. You should see thier rooms! Quickly say that their rooms are orderly (they know where everything is) when, to the natural eye, their rooms are totally messy.

    2. Can we say that disorder is simply a haphazard “arrangement.” Like, to one person, a bunch of flowers arranged in one particular way is beautiful, but to the next person appears ugly (just listen to 2 women talk)

    3. Again, disorder and order, it can be argued are really 2 different kinds of order…one is more appealing to the syestematic eye, the other is not

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