Mark Driscoll shot an 8-minute video to be used at a conference in Florida. It was shown and well-received among the audience. But it was not distributed, although the Acts 29 fellows brought several copies to hand out (per an agreement that was made with the leadership at the conference). I think you would benefit from watching this video. Some of the things Driscoll says are raw, but I like the way he puts contemporary garb on the message so that it might be understood. He mixes satire and sarcasm to get his point across. Enough said, just go to the link and let me know what you think. I will admit, the graveyard setting seems a little hokey to me.

My favorite line in the video is with about a minute ten seconds left. He says our culture thinks Jesus is “a marginalized Galilean peasant hippie in a dress rocking out to the Spice Girls driving around the Middle East in a Cabriolet hoping to meet nice people to do aroma-therapy with while drinking herbal tea.”
What he says about the guys who are our age is spot on. I see it all the time at work and see the need to get in their faces a little to confront them with genuine life.

Banned Video