With many new opportunities here in the US of ways that people can give of their time and resources to the hurricane victims in New Orleans it is important for us to pause and think about the assistance that is given. We live in a country of enormous wealth where there can be two television fund-raising specials and millions of dollars raised to buy supplies and such for folks. This is a marvelous thing.

However, I pray that we are not blind-spotted to the fact that there are many more people all over the world in need of such assistance.

When we give for such causes we need to think of the big picture – What do I want to accomplish by giving this money? The answer should not merely be to feed someone. It should be to give God glory by meeting the needs of people. If we merely feed people and do not share the saving news of the Gospel then we are only putting a band-aid on fatal wound. Yes, we should meet physical needs, there is no doubt. But to merely do this is to deny the fact that the most pressing need in people’s lives is to taste of the Bread of Life.

For a great article on this Andrew Myers has some provoking thoughts.