Question: Does boycotting a company ever really help? I mean the Southern Baptist Convention tried it with Disney and now Bob Jones University is doing a similar thing with Starbucks (read here).

Really, if you think about it 1) Is the Christian called to separate himself in such a way? And 2) If so, how are we supposed to legitimately live in this world? That is, in order to be consistent you would have to start your own nation. I am sure that’s what some folks would like to do. But where then is your light shining if not only on the inside of your basket?

Shall we now begin a pure, Christian distributor to compete with Starbucks? Shall we not eat at McDonald’s, Taco Bell, shop at Whole Foods, buy Johnson & Johnson, Maybelline, ad infinitum because they may not have views consistent with our own?

I would agree that we should not support companies that seek to propagate a world view diametrically opposed to mine. That is, a company whose purpose of existence is to tear down that which I seek to build.


[HT: Boanerges]