I must admit, I didn’t think I would be thinking so long about this topic. I have been probing my mind and talking to quite a few people regarding this topic.

Conclusion 1: Although someone may be at liberty to use a vulgar word to translate skubala in Phil 3.8, this does not mean that it is a license to cuss whenever we would like. The exception does not make the rule.

Conclusion 2: Imagine an evangelist speaking of the glories of heaven and being born again and as he is speaking of eternity and beauty and rest he is inserting vulgar words. There seems to be a natural aversion to such. Indeed, there seems to be an aversion to mix the common with the sublime. This should give those who are Christians pause to utter vulgar (common) speech that would detract from the glories for which you have been bought.

Conclusion 3: This is the more heart-provoking conclusion I have drawn. It is true that meanings of words can change over time. But the issue of cussing goes much deeper than letters and syllables. Indeed, it is from the overflow of the heart our mouth speaks (Mt 15.11,17).

If a Christian has been born again, the old man has passed away and the new man has been put on. Unlike the fool, the Christian does not return to his own vomit. When someone has been born anew, there is a difference in the way they live. There is a difference in the way they speak.

I will look at specific verses soon.