I was amazed to hear that there was such a belief. I thought I would find only one site maybe two that affirmed such a teaching. This is no longer a teaching only held to by other religions but will need to be dealt with from the Scriptures to show its unbiblical basis.

I went to one site and it said: Polygamy is in the Bible. Polygamy is found throughout history. These facts prove that marriage’s definition includes plural marriage. Polygyny is a far older traditional marriage than anti-polygamy.

Yes, there are those that practiced polygamy in the Bible. National war is also in the Scriptures, but Christians don’t advocate this now. This has to do with how one reads their Bible. To say that polygamy is in the Bible and is found throughout history is as ridiculous for someone to say that slavery has the same grounds!

How you read your Bible will affect the way you live. These groups are not taking into account the entire storyline of the Bible. They look at a section and justify a heinous contradiction because it is taken out of context. Read your Bibles rightly!

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