Okay. I could spend the time writing all my thoughts down and read a good book instead. I could do something a little more constructive as my dad taught me. I could spend less time in front of a screen clicking away and be outside moving my bones. OH! What to do?

I was lying in bed last night wrestling with whether I was going to commit to writing a blog. And this is what I came up with:

1. The internet is a connecting spot for the world.
2. I will probably never publish a book, so I shouldn’t wait for that to happen to share my thoughts with others.
3. Blogging enables me to encourage and challenge people without having to find a publisher.
4. I can make an impact in others’ lives and thinking by the things I type on this blog.
5. This provides an outlet for what I am learning in seminary rather than just filing it away never to be chewed on.
6. It could sharpen my own thinking as people affirm and challenge my thoughts.

With all that said, I am going to do this. I pray that this will be a way for you to be challenged, as well as myself. I want this to be a vehicle for Christ-centered discussion and culture-engaged thinking and action. May God be pleased with what is written here.