I just finished a two-week class on evangelism at my church. It was refreshing, refocusing, and challenging for me to think of practical ways we can share our faith with others. I tried as best as I could to be balanced and fair to the many roads of evangelism. I subscribe to Ray Comfort’s blog to read what he says – much to the chagrin of some of you I am sure. While I may not adopt his strategy whole-heartedly, what Comfort does is challenge me to be confrontational in my sharing. This does not mean that I plan on intitiating a confrontational conversation with a stranger. It means that I need to be more willing to step on toes when I evangelize those I love. Dialogical evangelism is what I prefer.
More than likely in the Bible Belt you are going to encounter people who have been baptized or grew up going to church but no longer do so. I have begun to take an approach to such folks that presses on them. I ask questions like:
1.  Why don’t you go to church anymore?
2.  What do you think happened when you were baptized?
3.  Why aren’t you living in accordance with the Gospel?
If folks are going to take their baptism seriously (and for some it may mean salvation), we have an open door to challenge them. In other words, we can ask them what it means ‘to be saved.’ If they believe they are saved, what do they think it means to follow Jesus. Point them to verses where part of being a Christian means fellowship with believers (especially 1 John).