Could Ed Stetzer Be the Bridge the SBC Needs?

Could Ed Stetzer Be the Bridge the SBC Needs?

Ed Stetzer Video

Listening to this made me think that Stetzer could be the middle man that the SBC needs right now. That is, he is theologically solid and intense in mission. So much of the in-house fighting is due to those whose vision revolves around evangelism getting upset with those who want to talk about theology.

 Stetzer provides a good balance of what it means to be a theologically accurate evangelist. I won’t lie, so many of the folks I meet who want to talk theology do not go beyond position papers. We need a swift kick in the teeth to shut up and pick up a rake and love our neighbor.

I won’t lie, so many of the people I talk to who just want to evangelize need to get tied to a chair and forced to talk about deeper issues than saying a prayer.

I see in Stetzer a passion for God’s Name to be spread. It is not just telling people about God that the Christian is required to do. But it is telling people about God <em>accurately</em>.


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  • G. F. McDowell
    Posted at 04:09h, 24 June Reply

    Yeah, I think the root of both sides is the weakened idea of “soul winning” that prevails in the churches.

    As you sort of stated, the more theologically oriented look down on the easy beliefism of the “soul winning” crowd and the “soul winners” look down at a lack of evangelism in the “theological”.

    Couldn’t both sides come together to agree that we all want to be preaching the Gospel, in season and out of season, to those who want to hear it and to those who don’t? Isn’t the Gospel the only thing worth preaching to believers and unbelievers? The Gospel isn’t some presentation you hear one time and believe and that’s it. It is our only hope for heaven, and we are dull creatures who need to be reminded of that again and again. Why can’t “soul-winners” step away from the one-time-event, “pray the prayer” driven paradigm to be able to incorporate the Gospel into all phases of the Christian walk?

    Shouldn’t “theological” folks have the advance of the Gospel clearly in view? I sometimes wonder where the gospel is to be found, period in theological controversies. Shouldn’t “soul winners” be committed to evangelistic strategies that don’t cheapen the Gospel? Why can’t each group take a step of faith from their respective shibboleths, and unite around the Gospel?

    Maybe we should start a group, and call it Together For The Gospel. Never mind……

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