You would think that Samson would have caught on to the fact that certain women cannot be trusted (especially those who have no fear of God in their heart). Some women seek only to promote themselves and move up the food chain of comfort.

So it is with his new crush, Delilah. I begin to wonder about the size of Samson’s brain. He seems to be the proverbial jock who doesn’t connect things. After the first night he tells Delilah that the secret to his strength so that his enemies could overpower him lie in tying him up with bow strings, he wakes up tied in bow strings. This should have told him something. Instead, he gloats and breaks the fetters that should have given him pause.

The second night, he tells her that if he is tied with new ropes he will be powerless. So, if you wake up and find yourself tied in new ropes, what’s the reason? Right. The person who tied you up wants to overpower you. Samson boasts in his strength yet again – this time with a laugh. “There’s nothing that can hold me.” Beware brothers lest you boast in the good gifts of God as though you had earned them and not received them. Whether you can preach well, listen well, study well, argue well, groom well, don’t brag about these things. Be humbled or you will find yourself as Samson found himself the next day.