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I have been focusing the past three weeks on intentionally improving myself. Sure, we all want to be better people, but I found that I rarely took aim at specific areas in my life to improve. I would say, “I want to work out more” or “I need to improve my time management” or “I need to finish my draft for my manuscript.” These are fine and, in my mind at least, I thought that thinking about something specific was target enough.

I have, however, begun to put practical steps to the desire. My perfectionist tendencies lead me astray to believing that I need to have the most time-tested and celebrity-approved method. I have found that just doing something is better than spending hours looking for just the right method. In fact, the best method is making your own. So, for time management, I made a template for how I will organize my week by projects and another page for hourly tracking. Nothing major and complicated. I just did it on Word.

If you’re finding yourself stuck, take 10 minutes (seriously, set a timer) and begin pinpointing what one thing you could do to move toward a better you. Time management. Working out. Eating right. Don’t come up with an exhaustive plan. Just come up with one step of the plan and then add to it once you’ve mastered that one step.

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