Does Poverty in the USA Eliminate Action Elsewhere?

Does Poverty in the USA Eliminate Action Elsewhere?

One more thing to add:

Someone may protest that we dare not go somewhere to stop a tyrannical ruler when thousands of people are starving here in the USA. I’m not so sure I buy this logic. Should we only take part in universal campaigns against wrong when the house is in order? When would that be? We better lock up our ports and hold off on international travel, then, so that we can focus our attention to our problems here.

Thoughts? Rebuttals? Rebukes?

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  • G. F. McDowell
    Posted at 03:54h, 17 June Reply

    Given the choice between a world where America is isolationist and a world with the US actively involved, I’ll take the latter. When I lived in the UK, I got criticism for the US being so late to enter WWII, and the same people criticised the US for jumping into Vietnam too early. Everybody’s against you when you’re the big dog in the neighborhood.

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