I was helped by a comment a friend made regarding my post on Hosea’s purchase of Gomer. He mentioned that God does not merely buy us, he does woo us. He said that God “effectually woos us.” When God speaks to his people that he will take her to the wilderness for a second honeymoon (Hose 2.14-15), he does so based upon the purchasing.That is, the text seems to teach that the ground of the bride going out to the wilderness with her bridegroom is due to the change that he has done in her heart. Surely he sings to us and loves us tenderly. There is no doubt to this. But we would not go with him. If he merely sang and tenderly spoke to us, we would not come. But he causes there to be an inner change in us.God does not drag us to the altar as we kick and scream. He is not a tyrant. Rather, he gives us a new heart so that we want to  run to the altar with him. He gives us new tongues to taste the sweetness of his Word. He gives us new eyes to see the beauty of our king. He gives us new skin to feel the warmth of his embrace. As a Calvinist, I disavow any notion that God coerces people against their will to come.God’s grace is made irresistible because our hearts have been transformed by his love and power so that we want to come to him. My friend is right that God sings to us…but it is only effective because he has first purchased us.