Monergism offers a free Theology Course you can take. It has 28 sections and covers:

1. An introduction to late 20th and Early 21st Century American Evangelicalism
2. Foundations for Theological Understanding Systematic and Biblical Theology
3. Creeds and a Confessed Faith
4. The Knowledge of God
5. The Revelation of God & the Holy Scripture
6. The Trinity
7. Creation & Anthropolgy
8. God’s Providence
9. The Fall, Sin, and Punishment
10. Covenant of Works and Grace
11. Of Christ the Mediator
12. God’s Eternal Decree
13. Free Will
14. Effectual Calling & Regeneration
15. Justification

Just to name a few…The only issue you may have, practically, is that the downloads are not the cleanest, but legible.