EVERYONE Has a Rock in Their Shoe

As mentioned before, I am trying to intentionally improve various aspects of my life. One of the practical things I have been doing is to listen to highly productive people who are agents of change in their respective fields.

As I have been listening to a myriad of people across various disciplines, I have been struck by the fact that not only have these highly influential people come from adversity, but they are also always going through adversity in the midst of their success.

In our age of humble brags and putting only our shining moments for the world to see, we don’t like to dwell on the fact that we have shadows. That is, there is a darkness to our lives even when we stand in the sun. This darkness. This adversity is meant to be relished because this is where our mettle is tested. This is where we grow as people.

I have often run from adversity. I have thought that pain is bad. Pain isn’t bad. It’s what you decide to do with the pain that is good or bad.

Remember next time you see someone with a huge smile on his or her face with a lush tropical or beach as the backdrop, the smile they have on their face could easily be a grimace from the rock in their shoe. They might have had an argument with their spouse. They might have stepped in a pile of poo. They might have had a horrible day and this is the first time they are smiling.

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