I was trying to think through some things I would want to talk with you if I were to sit down with you over coffee. What are some things that I would want to share with you. And so I thought I would start as series of posts regarding the defense of the existence of God.

Many in our culture assume that God’s existence has been disproved. They call those who believe in one such a Being as retarded by way of superstition. If theology is the queen of sciences, has skepticism become the king? That is, people seem to a priori write off theology as a weak endeavor. They have no rationale for doing so. In fact, they must use some of theology’s teaching in order to have a comprehendible world-view. I mentioned in a post in August that someone who does not believe God exists is inconsistent.

Let me explain. If you ask them how they can know anything, they will say either because of logic or rationale. Ask where they got it and they will give some ridiculous evolutionary theory that begs the question. Actually, to attribute logic and reason to evolution is irrational. They might say the homo erectus after so many times of burning his hand on the flame decided that he should not put his hand on the flame.

Where did homo erectus’ logic come from? Trial and error can do nothing without synthesizing the information. This ability to reason and synthesize comes from a source that is perfect Logic and Reason. This is God. The atheist may balk at this, but he will concede once he is honest with himself.

Period. The atheist is inconsistent because he is not able to attribute anything to mere chance. There must be purpose and decisions. Nature teaches us this. Nietszche was inconsistent. He said that there was no purpose and no way to know anything. However, if he were consistent he would cease to argue and to write. Why? Because if it is impossible to know anything or if chance is the ruling king in the world then there is no need to try and persuade people. If chance dictates everything that happens, we might as well sit in a corner and stare at the wall. We cannot argue anything or try to prove that this is right and wrong (a principle of morals we will get into later). Make sense? I sure hope so. Otherwise, my logic has not been clear. And you have read this far either because you are very dedicated to things or because you see a stream of logic and are following it.

Either case, you have done what you just did because you were fashioned in the image of God. A beautiful and profound truth that gives not only meaning to life but also great strength.