One of the main reasons I was for abortion was the fact that I only thought about it abstractly. That is, I thought it was a wonderful thing for women to be in control of their bodies. I didn’t like the idea of women being forced to servitude and ignominy. The way that people explained the issue to me was that if the government makes abortion illegal women will be slaves to the state and will have to do whatever Uncle Sam tells her.

Who would want such militaristic governance? So, I said, “It’s great that people have control over their bodies.” However, not until my time at an academic summer camp that my Biology professor showed us a video of abortions. Then it became real. The ideology was still there, but now I knew what an abortion was. The ideology for personal autonomy is still here, but it is informed with truth.

What is sad about the abortion issue is that so many people only know what abortion is in the abstract, they do not know what it is with their eyes. It is an indictment against humans to affirm something they do not know about, and desire to remain ignorant.

Abort 73 is an amazing site. If you do not want to be ignorant any more and feel a sense of responsibility of knowing what you affirm, then go to the website and see the videos and read. The second video is graphic, but the truth of abortion must be trumpeted.