Fantasy Football & Anger: Get Perspective

Fantasy Football & Anger: Get Perspective

This is the first year I have taken part in Fantasy Football. I must confess. I did not pick my team. I had a lot of help from two of the other players in the league (who are currently kicking themselves and scoffing as I am first in the league).

I have been reflecting on some ugly tendencies as I have sought to enjoy Fantasy Football, and I have found the enjoyment wanting. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, I merely find that I have had to practice in enjoying it. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy sports. I enjoy the camaraderie. I enjoy peanuts and apple jacks. But I do care if I ever get back to reality.

You see Fantasy Football is Fantasy Football. You would think I would remember that on Sunday afternoon as I am copiously checking my smartphone to see if my running backs performed well and if my defense intercepted a pass–and it goes on. Aside from enjoying sports, I am innately competitive. And this is the rub. Or at least it has been. The nerves Fantasy Football has rubbed have betrayed a deeper issue, you see. I could smile and laugh at how silly I am in light of it all. But there has been a nagging sense that I need to hit the pause button and the instant replay needs to be closely evaluated.

The anger I feel because my wide receiver twisted his ankle exalts my desire for victory over my sympathy that this man will have to ice his ankle and limp for the next several days. It deifies me and mechanizes him. He becomes a mere pawn to serve my self-aggrandizement as I sit around the table at lunch and brag about how well my team performed. How sad. It’s not that I just am happy that my team did well, but I take a certain pride that I picked the winning team. [And I seem to forget that I had help! And I seem to forget that the other tea had several injuries. And I seem to forget that. . . it’s just a game].

Yes, Fantasy Football has been very enjoyable and very addicting. Yet, I need to get another bowl of popcorn and another beverage. Sit down. Calm down. Turn off the smartphone. And enjoy the game.

For Discussion:

Have fantasies crowded out reality and puffed you up. . .for no good reason?

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