I am continually amazed at the gall and vicious words that people type in the blogosphere! I am referring to Dr. Witherington’s post and comments on the ESV. I skimmed and read some of the comments and was pretty disappointed by the way people disagreed with Dr. Witherington.

I believe the post was out of order since it had not been rightly researched and motives of the ESV translation team were called into question. Simply because a brother makes a brash statement doesn’t mean that other brothers are obliged to respond in kind. Yes correction needs to be done, but it needs to be done in a spirit of gentleness (Gal 6.1).

The ESV Blog responded very magnanimously, of which I am proud. I wish Christians would respond in the same kind of informed and caring way.

I am especially encouraged by Dr. Witherington’s humility and apology at the end of his Comments section. It takes humility and a desire to follow Christ to not keep arguing but to admit you were wrong.

I am currently in a care group with Dr. Stuart Scott and I posed the question as to how the exchange of ideas can be done without exchanging blows. I will write on this once we discuss it. How do we disagree and incubate relationships? That is something I hope we can figure out together…