Get Woke

Get Woke

It seems like this is the phrase these days that all the cool kids say. It means to be aware of social situations we currently find ourselves in. You’re welcome. Now you can use it on your socials and impress everyone that you are, indeed, socially conscious. On a larger scale, though, it is clear that our current cultural milieu finds us still asleep. Still lulled by the hyper-activity of all the social events we are to remain current on to be a caring citizen. Every month seems to be a month dedicated to another socially-important thing you are to buy or tweet about. Yet, we find that with all the clambering, our souls are still unsettled. We are clambering because our souls are restless. We desperately want people to care…about us. We want people to know that we care and, therefore, we matter.

My call to you, my reader, is that you wake up. That you open your eyes. Breathe in the air that surrounds you. Taste the meal. Instead of taking a pic to show you matter.

Embrace the moment you find yourself in right now. Friend. You matter. You are valuable. You are priceless and do not need to prove yourself by making sure everyone knows you know what you’re supposed to know.

We find ourselves in a sea of information that has become mere white noise and it has put us to sleep. We have become overwhelmed and incapable of parsing the right from the wrong. The moral from the spin. The apology from the victim.

Wake up! Get. Woke.

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