Give Us Wisdom

Give Us Wisdom

Lord, teach us to number our days so that we might get a heart of understanding…

As I watched the news last night and this morning about Minneapolis, I couldn’t help but thnik of the numerous times I have sat under a bridge in my car waiting for a light to turn green. So many times I move throughout my day without giving second thought to whether this building will come crashing down like the tower of Siloam or Babel. You sustain the sparrows in the air as well as suspension bridges that tower in the city skyline. You have ordained for each of us a day on which our foot shall not step. ou have set boundaries and times for us. Space shuttles cannot leave the bounds of your purview. You have set the Challenger in flight and the 35-W bridge to come down.

Forgive us and our generation for thniking that it is wrong to speak of you in such a way. We have believed a lie. We have bought into the consumerism of our day. We do not acknowledge that you own us because you made us. We do not believe that you are the only one who has rights. Our paltry clamorings for justice are mere mist. Our hearts are set against you because we have not feared the one who gave us life and will, one day, take it back. We do not fear you, who will cause us to give an account with what we have done with our 75, or if by grace, 80 years.

As we drive, we are seconds from catasrophe. As we play, we are one move away from destruction. As we sit and read, our breath may be stopped in the next…

Life is fragile, we are puffed up like a toad. Puncture our billows and make us see that we are small. You are te Creator of all and we are pottery for your use. So that you might receive glory in the pain and in the laughter. Help your people to proclaim your excellencies. Help us sing that you are more than a charm. Help us to live as though you are our God.

In Jesus’ Name I pray…The one who suffered for no wrong he had done. For his hands were clean of sin and wickedness. He loved you completely…and yet our rebellion was counted to him through faith. Help us not to diminish the greatest tragedy in human history. The torture and murder of our Righteous One. Amen.

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