God’s Broad Shoulders

God’s Broad Shoulders

One of the fascinating aspects of my profession is that I come in contact with a lot of Christians who want to engage with their faith in a deep way. Rather than being content with showing up on Sunday or being CINO (Christian In Name Only), these folks want to understand the Bible better and tease out the implications for their lives.

On the flipside of this, many of these same people are afraid to engage with their doubts in a deep way. It’s almost as if, doubts and questions are treated from a distance–“I don’t struggle with this, but…”

The biggest breakthrough in my own journey of faith came through (and continues to come through) engaging my doubts and questions as my own. They are not theoretical. They are honest struggles: problem of evil is the perennial one. I was in the throes of one of these bouts several years ago when a friend told me, “God can handle your doubts.”

I have used this same bit of advice for my struggling friends and self. If truth is not relative. If God is truth. Your doubts and questions will not overthrow this objective, transcendent truth. It’s not as though you are the first to struggle with doubts and fears and pain. The heavens will not collapse under the weight of your doubts. You won’t come up with a question that will cause God to close up shop. You can honestly engage with your doubts and fears and pain and suffering without having to be quick to give the typical and trite answers to matters of faith.

Go ahead, roll your burdens on God. He’s got broad shoulders.

  • Casey
    Posted at 23:23h, 20 March Reply

    Thanks Matthew! Please keep writing.

  • Matthew Wireman
    Posted at 14:49h, 22 March Reply

    Thanks, Casey, for your comment. I do hope to write more and more. Is there anything in particular you’d like me to write on?

    • Casey
      Posted at 03:16h, 25 March Reply

      Wow, so many to consider. Thanks! Perhaps contentment…fear of man…honest treatments of doubt are always refreshing…
      Thanks so much

      • Matthew Wireman
        Posted at 14:17h, 25 March Reply

        Excellent. Fear of Man is a constant one on my docket because it’s a constant one in my life! As are the other two. Make sure to subscribe and the posts will show up right in your inbox.

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