“The best part about traveling is coming home.“ Someone said this on the trip the night before leaving Greece and I have to agree. It is good to be home. Seeing my wife has been the highlight of being home. A good cup of coffee this morning with blueberry breakfast cake and good conversation, what more could you ask for?

I got in last night a little after 10pm. Slept like a baby, as I didn’t do so on the flight from Athens to Paris to Atlanta.

Cut my hair (although I am thin up top, there is plenty of wild growth around the edges), took a second shower to get the traveling film off my body, a second load of laundry is washing, papers are sorted and books are calling me to be read. (I start classes in a couple of weeks.)

Thank you to the faithful who have checked in while I was gone. Blogging was not as easy as I had thought while overseas. Internet wasn’t always available and when it was I was beat up by all the traveling we were doing. We stayed in a new place almost every night. Needless to say, I have plenty to reflect on. Three weeks in the Middle East, visiting archaeological digs and dialoguing with folks of many different persuasions makes for good thoughts. I will be posting thoughts and fotos as I get the time. (The trick will be to label all this stuff.)

Again, it is good to be home!