HickeyNot really a meditation for the Lord’s Day, but my wife and I were talkign about the phenomenon of hickeys. That’s right, we were thinking about folks that give and receive hickeys. For those of you who are not familiar with this redneck sign of affection see the following article on wikipedia. What is amazing to me is a fellow I saw one time in a store that had four hickeys on his neck. That’s right four. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, he may bruise easliy. He may have been in a fight where the person continued to pummel him in the jugular. He may have played the violin repetitiously in four different holds.

I highly doubt it. though.

What possesses people to ask their significant other to suck on their neck until they get a bruise? What is so wonderfully passionate about sucking on someone’s neck, knowing that you will be giving them a bruise? Is it pure animal madness that makes someone think it is cool and pleasurable to get bruised by your lover?

I mean, during an intimate moment you ask your significant other, “Could you please suck on my neck until you burst a blood vessel?”

Okay, enough. I am just amazed that someone would actually want to have a nasty bruise on their neck for the whole world to see – communicating that my significant other sucked on my neck!