I remember sitting in my room as a fresh teenager playing Super Mario Bros., constantly trying to rescue the Princess and constantly getting killed by the stray Koopa-Koopa I didn’t see at the edge of my screen. Yeah, you remember too! I remember getting frustrated that I wouldn’t be able to save her and claim my rightful glory. . .so I would hit the reset button.

Through a series of strange and beautiful and difficult events, I am finding that I am hitting the reset button again, but in real life.

And I have found that hitting reset may be the only option God gives us, because it is the better option.

When you have tried to shift gears, you find the transmission needs worked on. When you shift down into first, thinking slowing down is the best option, life has a tendency to break the bolts of your life and the transmission drops out altogether. You can curse and scream and get angry that you’re standing on the side of the road. OR, you can stand on the side of the road and reconsider the entire build of the car. . .and get a different one.

I believe hitting reset might be the best option for you. Like me, you didn’t want to admit it. You wanted to try and make it work. You don’t like giving up and all the ramifications for giving up. So you run against the wall. You’ve tried hitting the wall harder. You tried running faster into it. You’ve tried running slower and steadier. But, you know what? Sometimes the wall was not meant to be knocked down–no matter what the American mist of a dream tells you.

Have you considered that the wall is meant to guide you as you run your hand on its face? Have you considered that the maze of life is meant to followed sometimes, rather than it bending to your will? Have you considered that you may just have looked at the maze you find yourself trapped in is actually meant to protect you from what’s out there? Have you considered that extraction from the maze and hitting reset is your best option?

I will be ruminating and sharing what I have been learning from my recent reset. It has been difficult, but my eyes have been opened to a world that was oftentimes shut out because I was cursing the slow transmission or was punching a wall.

Consider that RESET may be your best option. It’s not quitting. Well, maybe it is. Are you okay with that? Maybe quitting is the best thing you can do for yourself, your family, your friends.