Some may dub him their Money Messiah or Financial Freedom Fighter. I have called Dave Ramsey, my life-wrecker.

I’m not the person who calls in with thousands of dollars in debt. I’m not the person who has been in foreclosure. I’m not the person who went to jail because I got in a fight with my cousin Eddie because I loaned him some money and he hasn’t paid me back so I went to his house and pummeled him. I’m not that guy.

But I am the guy who has consistently fought with my wife over why we spend so much. I’m the guy who looks at his “budget” and feels like my head and shoulders got knocked down a few notches. I’m the guy who doesn’t like to talk about finances because it might say I’m less valuable than I thought I was. Yeah, I’m that guy.

My wife and I have been reading Total Money Makeover and I have been amazed at how wrongly I had been viewing money. It was an object to be acquired instead of a tool. As a result, I had unwittingly become a tool. I had given into the misconception that “pay grade” = “importance.” I began to realize that so many high-earners are worse off than me. Mo’ money. . .mo’ problems (so I think it goes–but problems persist even when money doesn’t. . .trust me).

Yeah, Dave, with his simple little Baby Steps. His big ole’ debt snowball. His grandma’s simple wisdom. Ruined my life. But, as dialecticism has said, I needed a crisis to find a resolution. Sure, I wasn’t destitute, but I was on my way. Perhaps (I’m no financier nor prophet). But, if nothing else, money has become a tool. . .and not me. So, thanks, Dave. I guess.