How I Cultivate Humility and Weed My Life

How I Cultivate Humility and Weed My Life


Taking after a fellow I admire, I have tried to think of ways to cultivate humility in my own life. A friend of mine sat me down one day and asked me how I kill pride in my life. He noticed that I had some level of humility, and yet, even as I write this I struggle with the beast that would cause me to boast of such a complement! The flesh truly is a powerful foe. With that said, I still try to cultivate my best friend, thereby mortifying my deadliest enemy. Here are some thoughts:

1. Offer to refill my wife’s (or a friend I may be eating with) drink. When I get to the fountain, refill hers first and then mine. When I return to the table, give her drink to her first and then sit down.

2. When I am driving on the highway, try to stay under the speed limit.

3. When I am driving on the highway, let someone in front of me. That means, slow down and wve them over.

4. Listen to a Lite Rock station with your windows rolled down so people can hear what you’re listening to. If you’re at the hottest flame of sanctification, perhaps a Michael Bolton song will come on – like it did for me today.

5. Admit that you have lip-synced to at least one boy band song.

6. Get into a theological discussion with someone you disagree with and do not try to win the debate, just try to listen and repeat what their argument is.

7. Ask someone about a theological topic you have not thought much about – i.e. preterism, text criticism, etc.

8. Clean the bathroom – especially the toilet – with one of your own t-shirts

9. Work on your budget.

10. Read Puritan authors.

11. Read Hebrew grammars.

12. Watch cartoons for children.

13. Listen to Michael Card and Caedmon’s Call.

14. Ask people closest to me, periodically, areas that I might be able to improve in.

15. When I am sick, remind myself that I am prone to illness, but God is strong and never gets sick. Remind myself that tiny little creatures that I cannot even see are able to make me want to sleep all day – putting me out fo commission for as long as they want.

16. When I am tired, recognize that I am finite and in need of sleep. But I serve a God who never sleeps nor slumbers. In fact, the only reason I wake up in the morning is because he sustains me.

17. Look for ways to surround myself with others who are smarter, prettier, and more physically fit trhan myself.

How do you cultivate humility in your life?

  • Brandon
    Posted at 16:19h, 11 May Reply

    These are great, real-life, common instances that can be used for cultivate humility. Thanks so much for posting them. I especially enjoyed the humor in the Michael Bolton one…awesome.

    In answer to your question, I’ll post one thing that has seemingly occurred quite often: Apologizing to people when they have no idea you have wronged them.

    What I mean by this, is there are times when we have vengeful or prideful thoughts toward brothers in Christ and they have no clue. Or perhaps we acts toward them in a certain way that – though seemingly innocent – is actually motivated by pride. When this happens, I look for a moment alone with said person and confess my motivations and ask for forgiveness.

    (P.S. – also, a great thing to do is to practice the same concept with unbelievers who see no reason why you should apologize in the first place. It shows genuineness, humility, and it opens up discussion for the gospel to come through in an easy unforced way.)

  • mawireman
    Posted at 11:53h, 12 May Reply

    Thanks, Brandon. Are there instances when you see you shouldn’t ask for forgiveness when someone doesn’t know you have wronged them?

  • William Hayes
    Posted at 23:10h, 15 May Reply

    go to the gym for the first time in a year and do curls with a 15lb weight next to the guys that bench 350.

    do a good deed (like giving some money to a missionary anonymously) and don’t tell anyone about it. not anyone.

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