Hugh Hefner's Legacy

Hugh Hefner's Legacy

CawleyBlog points to a good article in the Wall Street Journal on the life and coaxing of Hefner. Check it out here.

One might have thought that the woman, in life, had enough trouble with users and operators. But of course Hef, an exploiter to the end, doesn’t see himself that way, and what’s clear from all his legacy projects is that he wants to be remembered as anything other than what he is. We’re to think of him as Hugh Hefner, social philosopher and cultural revolutionary. Hugh Hefner, entrepreneur and Charity Events Man of the Year. Hugh Hefner, friend of Marilyn. Hugh Hefner, luckiest cat on the planet. Anything, please, but the truth about Hugh Hefner, pornographer.


One hesitates to speak harshly of an old man, who somewhere along the way must have done a few worthwhile things. But as to the public legacy of Hugh Hefner, he should have no illusions. All of us have our share of faults and sins to account for. But the lowest of vices and “strangest secret of hell,” as G.K. Chesterton called it, is the desire to pervert others, to coax and corrupt them and drag them down with you. And any man who at the age of 80 has that to answer for is by no stretch the luckiest cat on the planet.(full article)

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  • Mercy Now
    Posted at 00:39h, 08 April Reply

    It is sad that people can’t see their ways as sinful but actually see them as good. Castro sees himself as the great freedom fighter but the opposite is true as he oppresses his people. Hugh is by no means in the same category as Castro but they are both blinded from the truth, calling evil as good. An alcoholic doesn’t see excessive drinking as bad nor a gambler sees compulsive betting as detrimental.

    We are what we do and our legacy will reflect that. It’s one thing to remember some specific thing a man does like breaking the world record or winning the gold medal cuz they are more than that as they do other things as well. As for Hugh Hefner, he’s been publishing and promoting Playboy for 50 plus years. How can we think of him as something else? In the end, we are all responsible for our acts and it is only by Christ that we can be redeemed.

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