I Told You So…

I Told You So…

Two days after the introduction of the iPhone, AT&T’s network goes down. Read more at MacCentral’s article.

Again, just so you know, I am a Mac man. However, I am disappointed that Apple went with an inferior network because it was not willing to compromise on it demands.

I say wait a couple of years, let the kinks get worked out, and wait until the iPhone gets on a better network.

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  • R. Mansfield
    Posted at 06:01h, 05 July Reply

    I bought two iPhones–one for me and one for Kathy. The Edge network got a speed boost last week. It’s not that bad and certainly a step up from my experience browsing the web on my Sprint Treo. Plus, if you are in an environment with WiFi, the iPhone automatically switches over to that which is certainly faster than ANY cellular data network.

    My only problem is an ongoing activation fiasco with Kathy’s phone that I’ve written about on my blog. I first started the activation process her her phone on Sunday after mine went life. Now it’s Thursday and it still won’t work.

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