“Confessing Christ — incarnate, crucified, and risen — as the true light and the true life, one cannot accept any other alleged authority as taking priority over this. One cannot regard the revelation given in Jesus as one of a type or as requiring interpretation by means of categories based on other ways of understanding the totality of experience. Jesus is for the believer the source from whom his or her understanding of the totality of experience is drawn and therefore the criterion by which other ways of understanding are judged” Leslie Newbigin, The Open Secret (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1995), 168.

In this way, Jesus stands in transcendent splendor over all people he has made. It is not the Christian who is proud (at least not by virtue of this truth claim, most definitely by some other reason being himself a self-worshiper), but those who claim their own autonomy over the one who created them. The small-mindedness foisted upon Christianity is done so by those too lazy to engage in a real dialogue with it. Perhaps fearing what its truth claims will mean for their own lives, those who spite Christ will find that they forsake the very one who made them and offers them a liberating reality.