Left Behind Video Game…Buy It Before It Flies Away

“In one cataclysmic moment, millions disappear.” So the title to the new Left Behind video game goes. I don’t hold to a pre-tribulation rapture. As I was writing my paper on Revelation this semester, I was amazed at how much people want to cling to a pre-trib rapture view. One of the commentaries I read said something to the effect, “Although Revelation does not talk about a rapture, we know that Paul does so we should chapter 20 in this light.” What!?!? I will share more on my paper later as I think it has helped me in my view of Rev. In any case, check out the link to the video game and drop your jaw…

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  1. They are calling it a Real-Time Strategy game (RTS). What in the world do you do in the Left Behind RTS? Convert people? Move Illumanti troops? Figure out ways to block the Anti-Christ from killing Buck and Chloe?

  2. You seen the parody book titled “Right Behind”? I’ve been wanting to read it sometime. I imagine it’s hilarious.

  3. While I might not be inclined take issue with the theology of LaHaye in these novels (that’s a task better left to polemicists), the series is extremely entertaining and well worth the read in this respect. But let’s not pretend it’s a theological commentary on Revelation like some people wanna do.

    That said, I find it difficult to see any way such a game would be entertaining unless you’re going to do some God of War – style fighting against demons. Can you say BOOORRRRIIINNNNGGG?

  4. Dr. Robert Sungenis of Catholic Apologetics International will shortly be bringing out the second volume of his Catholic Apologetics Study Bible on the Apocalypse. I have had the privilage of reading much of it already. It is extremely well done. This is a massive work and it shows how the Apocalypse tells one story from 7 different perspectives. Therefore, the Apocalypse is not meant to be read in a cronological way, but rather in a topical way. For instance the first section is 1-3, the second is 4-6, the third is 7-9 and so on. He explains everything. Each story adds to the previous story. This work is a MUST read. It explains the entire book in intense (and sensible) detail, and also shows how the belief in the rapture (which is a very contemporary belief) is really rubbish. For example, Jesus said as in the days of Noah one will be taken and one will be left. But Jesus didn’t mean taken to heaven (raptured). Jesus meant taken IN JUDGMENT. Because the people in Noah’s time who were taken were taken in judgment. Anyway, I am really excited about this book and I think that you should all get it.

  5. Has anyone typed in “Thomas Ice (Bloopers)” on Yahoo? It will blow you away for sure! Mack

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