The last post I want to make regarding the existence of God deals with the origins of rationality. We have seen that one cannot explain where the existence of matter comes from…and the fact that humans have logic pushes the one who says there is no God to pause and think. This mere act of thinking is the indictment.

That is, if the universe was formed out of chaos and humans are the result of successive evolutionary method (with no intelligence bringing any of this about), where did the ability to reason come from? Here is where the ground beneath those who deny the existence of God crumbles. There is no explanation (apart from the existence of God) that rationality and logic exists.

Logic is a gift from God. We are able to reason because God is a rational being. He had design and purpose in the Creation. To deny this is like denying the ocean even as its waves are at your neck! If the world is happenstance and chaos and chance events, there can be no reason to arise out of it.