This is a helpful article as a sequel to my audio post of Driscoll.

“Why I Had to be 34 Before I Planted a Church”

Helpful Bullets:

-I was too young and inexperienced in both life and ministry. Passion and drive only get you so far. People will follow someone who is clear and confident in who he is and what he’s doing.

-My wife needed to be called as well. She was not on board early on, but God worked in her life in a great way to call her to be the wife of a church planter. Our marriage has endured both very rough and joyous times, which has allowed us to better counsel people. We will be married 11 years this upcoming June.

-I needed to be a dad. Having kids changes your perspective on life greatly, and gives you a clue into how God sees his children. Humanly, it also gains respect from people as they see you manage your household.

-I needed experience in leading. Other than my current church, I’ve lead in churches that have ranged from 120 to 20,000. I’ve seen lots of leadership models. I’ve been able to try different approaches to ministry. I’ve been able to test myself in many contexts to find out if I can gather, train, and release people for ministry. I’ve also been able to speak and preach a lot in different situations to hone in on my style.

-I needed experience in pastoring. I’ve been able to counsel, baptize, perform a funeral, marry couples, do pre-marital counseling, do marriage intervention to help prevent divorce, sit with a family at the hospital while the dad died from cancer in the next room, and see people grow in their walk with Jesus.

-I needed time to solidify my theology. Instead of me fumbling through theology while being a lead pastor, I was able to do that while on staff at churches and only look like a little idiot instead of a big idiot.

-I needed to plant out of the right spirit. When I was young, I was simply too rebellious. Pure rebellion is not the right spirit to plant a church with. God needed to burden me with preaching the gospel to a new context, not just thumb my nose to the mega church down the street.

-I simply needed to be older to attract older people. It’s pretty easy to lead under and sideways. What I mean is that attracting younger people and peers isn’t all that hard. But when it comes to attracting and leading those older than you, it takes maturity and a good track record. Without some established older saints in your church, you’ll be immature and poor (but have a lot of energy!)