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While at the T4G Conference, I was able to meet a couple of fellows that I had only known via the blogosphere. They have both moved from blogs I read to friends.

Kevin Cawley is studying for a ThM at Regent College in Vancouver. He is working on Barth’s theology as the underpinning for ecclesiology. (If that’s not right, Kevin, let me know…that’s all I could remember). He wants to pastor once he’s finished with his degree and has a heart for reaching the culture in its own language without leaving out the fiber of good theology.

Joe Thorn has planted a church in a community outside Chicago. He has a vision for reaching the culture with the Gospel without compromising. He has an eye for photography…his writing is somewhat devotional and thought-provoking.

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  1. Now Kevin and others are enoying the Resurgence conference in Seattle. Ugh. I wish I could be there. You going to the Desiring God conference?

  2. Joe, I plan on being there…granted I have the dough and the time. This one will definitely be worth the money. I hope many brothers will be going to think about how the Gospel and culture relate.

    As the for Resurgence conference, I will be waiting for the audio. More than anything, I would have loved to have been amongst brothers who want to be culturally engaged. I went to Mars Hill a while ago for a conference for church planter’s and loved their vision and steps they take to engage the culture.

    Jason, you know better. I only wish I was that good. Those there photos I must credit to Mr Joe Thorn. For more, check out:



    Joe’s Flickr

  3. Matt, I will be there with some friends from Grace again. Let’s try and grab some lunch or something. There is talk about a Theology Pub of sorts. Marc (Purgatorio) has talked about securing a place.

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