So I’m sitting in a coffee shop overhearing a high school teacher going over exam questions with a bunch of her Catholic school girls regarding the US Civil War…Wondering if I should get a refill on my Sumatra…Trying to preach to myself not to get overwhelmed with the looming Greek exegesis class on John…Thinking about projects on the house…Wondering if I will meet my quota this month for work…

Life has been sufficiently busy with much to make me lean on Jesus more. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with my District Manager at work. She asked me how I was hitting such high numbers, I said, “I don’t know.” She said, “That answer won’t work.” I said, “The favor of God.” Is that a corporate faux pax? She told me that wouldn’t do either. I said it was the truth. There is no way that I can make someone buy something from me. I have to continually remind myself that God is sovereign, not only over kings and rulers, but also over the decision to buy cellular service.

We did meet in the middle, though. She said, “Don’t sell yourself short. You are working hard and knowledgable about the data and services.”

“You’re right, too. I work hard, but God is the one who gives the harvest,” thinks I.

This is the only explanation for why people are coming to me. There are three other sales reps where I work and God was having people gravitate towards me. That is the only explanation.

And you know what, when there are lean months in the business. It is God’s favor as well. He wants to lead down paths of righteousness for HIS Name’s Sake, not my cushy life. This is not fatalism but full-fledged rest in the sovereign hand of God. When I first started this new job, I asked God to glorify his worth and sufficiency in the way I sell and serve customers. He has led me down dark paths of righteousness and I am thankful.

May everyone who works, work as unto the Lord. Both the preaching with words and the preaching with actions must be done for the glory of God. May we ask ourselves how this can be done – whether you are a salesman or a computer technician or factory line man or secretary…