Give the dog a bone…A comment on my last post started me to think about how so many church planting groups try to find the latest and greatest way to get people to come to their churches. Then I started to think a little more broadly. Most evangelical churches try to be fun and hip. You can see it with the names of churches out there – The Rock, Adventure Church, Living On The Edge Church, et al. I wonder if anyone has done research on church names. Who was the mastermind behind such quaint names.

I don’t know if I would like to invite my non-Christian friend to Jesus Is My Friend Church or Worldwide Evangelistic Apostolic Proclamation Church. Are people trying to get their entire vision statement in their name? You can already feel the difference you will have if you go to the former or the latter church – one fluffy duffy, the other loud and powerful.

Pastor, think hard about the name of your church…but not too hard! You may end up with a paragraph.

The title is a symptom of a bigger problem. In an admirable effort to reach people with the message of the Gospel, Christians have lost touch with reality. Too many bones are being thrown out there wihtout any solid food being offered. There’s the tennis ball teether, the rawhide bone, the frisbee, and many more.

I go to work and I see people who want truth and purpose – not the most fun experience on Sunday morning. I doubt that most people will step into the doors of a church without being escorted by a trsuted friend. Has laziness made us so quick to adopt atheological methodology? Probably.

  • J.Majors
    Posted at 03:48h, 22 January Reply

    amen and amen – preach it. You are right on. Why are most churches working so hard to get people to COME???? Should not the emphasis be on Sending? The Paradigm is upside down – and the names, and other methods more than reaval this. Thanks for pointing out the humor in the whole thing. That’s what I appreciate about you. If we can’t laugh about the whole thing – we’ll just go crazy.

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